Video Work

Flint’s Coach Linnell Jones-McKenney

Video Shooting/Editing/ Stills: Alexandria B.

For years Linnell Jones-McKenney has dedicated her life to helping those in need. Her work continues as she develops programs for Flint youth at a local community center on the city’s north side. The Search for Fresh Produce

Article/Shooting/Edits/Music: Alexandria B.

“Drive your car down North Saginaw Street through the heart of Flint, Mich., and you won’t see a grocery store for miles. For some that don’t have cars, they may not see a grocery store for days. Though this trend repeats itself in food desert cities across the country, the four-year anniversary of Flint’s water crisis adds a nuance. A food desert combined with a city-wide water crisis has exposed an estimated 100,000 people to lead-tainted water. This underscores the necessity of accessible fresh produce to counter the effects of lead poisoning…”

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Blocking & Script: Alexandria Brown

Edits/Music Choice: Naomi Rutagamara


Edits: Alexandria Brown and Naomi Rutagarama

Script: Alexandria Brown

This video was shot and edited by Naomi Rutagarama and Alexandria Brown as a way of illustrating how the media (scape) has shaped our initial perceptions of one another as African and Black Americans. These perceptions are well circulated through media, in turn they have global consequences.



One of the pillars writer Arjun Appadurai identifies in his article “Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy.” This video attempts to visualize his definition. Collaboration between Haytham Mohammmed, Aaron Raymond, and Alexandria B.

Video Shot by: Aaron Raymond

Concept and Narrative Contribution: Haytham Mohammed, Alexandria B.

Edited by: Alexandria B.